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As per the preamble of the "UP Corporation Act (Uttarakhand Amendment Act,) 2001, the Corporation was formed for the 'better preservation, supervision and development of forests and better exploitation of Forest produce within the State of Uttarakhand (then Uttarakhand) and for matters connected there with."


The UAFDC has, therefore, been engaged in the harvesting of the forest produce, allotted to it by the Forest Department along with the sale of timber, firewood, bamboo and minor-minerals. The main objectives are:


  • Removal of dead, dry, uprooted trees from the forest areas to support the Silvicultural aspects of the management and working plans of forests for assisting the natural regeneration.

  • To meet the requirement of timber and fire wood for public and industries.

  • To meet the silvicultural requirement of the rivers by scientific collection of minor minerals and making it available to the consumers.

  • Creating awareness among the people especially students for the environment ecologically through our Eco- Tourism program.






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